Rebecca Shulba

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Rebecca Shulba


May 31, 2016

Student resources are slowly beginning to be returned this month and as a librarian, I can’t tell you how fun this part is! I’m getting to see a lot more of what the TLA library has that has simply been in homes all year. A couple books have come back today that I wanted to highlight here. These ones are for parents!

Who hasn’t heard the buzz words : “project-based learning” and “problem-based learning” around schooling these days? It’s part of the core of our Innovations program at TLA and the new BC Ed Plan encourages it!

If you’re asking, “What IS this project-based learning?”, here’s a great book that we have in library and can be checked out for a 3 week loan in the summer: Project-Based Homeschooling – Mentoring Self-Directed Learners

Read all about it on their Project-Based Homeschooling website.

Another teacher/parent resource that we have on our shelves is Problems As Possibilities : Problem-Based Learning for K – 16 Education.

If you have other great resources for parents on this topic, please comment to share with us!