Home K-9 and grades 10-12 admissions are OPEN.

K-12 Learning Support Services admissions are being waitlisted at this time.

Blended K-9 admissions are closed, with the exception of openings for Blended One-Day or Blended Two-Day K-3 Vancouver. All other K-9 Blended programs are currently full with no waitlist.

Becoming a home learning family can be a bit intimidating, but I’ve never felt like my kids weren’t getting a great education because I’ve had so much support. And my children are thriving. They’re meeting the goals set out for them in record time and having a blast doing it. Learning isn’t a chore for them, it’s just a part of their day.

- Carolyn, TLA Parent

Working with our Blended program teacher, Amy, has been a highlight. She is so supportive and has taken a ton of the anxiety out of school for us.

- Vanessa, TLA Parent

If you have dreamed of home learning, you must try it! You will deepen your family relationship, and with the help of TLA you will soon be confident, creative, relaxed, and involved with your child’s life in a more substantial way than our conventional school system would ever allow.

- Tiffany, TLA Parent