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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision:

Strong families and lifelong learners. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to partner with parents and students to foster quality learning at home. Our “family first” motto ensures that our focus is on the learner within family-centred educational programs.

The staff members of Traditional Learning Academy Online are committed to honouring the role of the family in the education of the child. We serve parents of all faiths, backgrounds, and walks-of-life who seek to love and teach their children with integrity and joy.

At TLA Online we believe that every person is blessed with unique gifts and talents, and that our role as educators, in close partnership and community with families, is to nurture and strengthen each child to discover and embrace the role they have been created to fulfill.

We achieve this by providing counselling for families who are considering home education options. Families who choose to traditionally homeschool have full access to the resources and activities we offer, such as book rental, classes, field trips and online resources. In our DL program, BC-certified teachers provide professional curriculum advice, individualized student learning plans, guidance, support, and evaluation, so that students meet the provincial learning outcomes. Our motto is “family first”, and we strive to facilitate learning within a multitude of family settings and philosophies, whilst still upholding, and often exceeding, the provincial standards.

We emphasize supportive, collaborative, and professional working relationships between staff, parents, and students, and we endeavour to build an effective learning community across BC. Our Home program teachers, for the most part, live in the communities of the K-9 students they support. We also employ a wide variety of communications technologies to ensure that relationships are built and maintained, both locally and at a distance across Grades K-12. Our online course teachers in grades 7-12 are subject experts and experienced teachers with a passion for home education in high school. Our Blended program teachers are experienced in blending the best aspects of home-based and online learning. Our Learning Support Services teachers personalize services and educational programs for each learner. 

Our Values:

Our staff stands united by our commitment to Jesus’ teachings: our traditional Christian beliefs (as articulated in personal statements of faith in harmony with the Nicene Creed) inspire our work to strengthen and support parental leadership in the educational process. We are not affiliated with any particular Christian church or denomination. 

Our History

Traditional Learning Academy was founded in response to pleas from parents for their children to be educated in a setting that ensured a high quality education, provided a spiritual environment and supported the family.

Allan Garneau, the founder of TLA, resigned his post as a principal with Vancouver Public Schools with the hope of fulfilling the wishes of these parents and in 1991 Traditional Learning Academy opened its doors.

From the beginning, TLA worked with homeschooling families not only to set up the registration process, but by offering support services. TLA pioneered the notion of allocating part of the Ministry grant to help parents obtain quality resources.

Over the years, TLA has consistently served about one third of homeschooling families in BC, and is renowned for its advocacy for homeschooling provisions in the School Act.

With a strong philosophical position of recognizing the role of parents as the primary educators of their children, TLA closely monitored the onset of Distributed Learning (DL) programs in the public schools. Many of the programs were set up to bring homeschoolers back into the public system and families accepted accountability in return for teacher and financial support.

Parents soon discovered to their dismay that public programs could not allow the use of religious resources. TLA urged the Ministry to allow independent schools to start DL programs thereby allowing families who wanted to educate from a position of faith to partake in the DL option. We are proud to say that we were among the first five independent schools given permission to pilot the DL program.

TLA remains committed to serving families as traditional homeschoolers and in our well established Distributed Learning program. Our teachers and office staff are committed to supporting you and your family in every aspect of your children’s learning.