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Welcome to the Grade 10-12 Graduation Program department. TLA offers multiple learning paths, and a wide range of courses and options for every student to fulfill their graduation requirements and move confidently into post-secondary studies or the workforce. Grade 10 - 12 courses can be viewed here. We have a wonderful cast of experienced online teachers who are extremely supportive and adept at working in the online environment.

TLA offers a wide variety of Online courses for grade 10-12 students, enabling many options toward fulfillment of Dogwood Diploma graduation requirements.

Students may customize a program suited to their goals and interests. We strive to help students to achieve their potential and to foster the knowledge, skills and wisdom they will need to navigate the transition from school to post-secondary education or the workforce.


TLA Blended Courses are delivered through a blended learning approach – within each course students divide their time between attending class physically at our school locations and learning remotely using online delivery of content and instruction.

Students attend 1.5 hours in the classroom per course each week, taking part in an engaging learning environment where they benefit from interacting with their peers and working under the guidance of a BC certified teacher.

Outside of the classroom, students will have access to course content and weekly communication through an online course page. The time in the classroom is then spent on the application of concepts, higher-level thinking activities, and group work.

Link to our 2018-19 Blended schedule.


TLA’s Innovations Online program enables students to earn course credits through project based, cross-curricular, problem-solving learning focusing on the development of 4 core competencies: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Community.

Throughout the academic year, students in the cohort of no more than 8 students will cycle through a series of topics together with one or two mentor-teachers, meeting online weekly with their mentors and groups.

Students work collaboratively and independently on problem-solving projects anchored to real-world or authentic contexts. The competency-based and problem-solving skills you acquire in this program will help students prepare to meet the challenges facing twenty-first century citizens.


TLA's Grad Adapted Program (GAP) helps students with academic challenges complete their grade 10-12 Dogwood graduation requirements.

The program materials are personalized and adapted by a team of TLA teachers to help students achieve success at their level of learning while working toward a Dogwood Diploma. Students work with as few as two teachers, helping to build a strong relationship between family and teachers.

The GAP program is reserved for students with identifiable learning difficulties who would likely achieve greater success with adaptations to learning materials.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program allows high school students to embark upon rigorous college level studies while in high school.

Students can receive high school credits, and if they perform well on the standard AP exams, they also receive post-secondary credits.

AP credits are widely accepted at universities across Canada and internationally. Our teachers have several years experience teaching AP courses, and our students' AP exam passing rates are well above the international average.

Graduation Ceremony

Every year TLA Online hosts a wonderful graduation ceremony for students graduating that year. This year and for the past several years the event has been held at Newlands Golf Course in Langley. The event is open to graduating TLA students with the following restrictions:

Students whose school of record (main school) is TLA:

  • student is currently in grade 12.
  • student has fewer than 4 courses (16 credits) to complete after June 30.
  • LSS students of grade 12 age obtaining an Evergreen certificate are welcome.

Students whose school of record is a school other than TLA:

  • permission from school of record.
  • student has fewer than 4 courses (16 credits) to complete after June 30.
  • student is enrolled in at least two courses with TLA by the end of January.
  • student is active in at least two courses by February 21.

Traditionally Homeschooled (registered) students:

  • registered with TLA
  • grade 12 age