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Testimonials from TLA Parents and Students (2018):

Jennifer (Parent, first year with TLA):

In his seven years of schooling (home-based and bricks-and-mortar), this is the first time my son, who has a disability, has the full range of supports in place! The key ones for him are an educational assistant and a personalized program heavy on life-skills and flexibility. With these in place, our family is experiencing our first joyful, productive year of school!

Josie (Parent, 16th year with TLA):

TLA has become like a co-parent to us. We started when our son was 5 years, newly landed here in our new home and true blue green-horns where home schooling was concerned. But we prayed, and God confirmed in many ways that this was His plan for us. The individuals behind TLA whom we have worked with have each gone beyond when we, especially the children, needed help. If you are seeking God loving and fearing people to help you, TLA is your family. We are not saying they are perfect, BUT we truly feel their Hearts are one with yours.

Tonya (Parent, 2nd year with TLA):

It has been such a pleasant and wonderful learning option for my daughter. I am so glad that I listened to her when she wanted to try TLA. The experience for my daughter has been a positive one where she is thriving and enjoying her high school years.

Sachiko (Parent, 8th year with TLA):


A friend suggested I check TLA when I started thinking of homeschooling my 7 year old daughter. I planned on homeschooling just one year but the amazing staff and the support I had kept me going for 8 more years and counting. TLA is a wonderful school family. We couldn't be happier.

Barb (Parent, 4th year with TLA):

I can't say enough good things about TLA. We have been part of this amazing school and community for the past 4 years. I feel so blessed to have the freedom to teach my kids at home, and to have the flexibility, resources and support to do it any way that works best for our circumstances (independently at home, through teacher-led classes at the school, or online). Everyone at TLA, from the receptionists to the teachers and tech-support has been wonderfully helpful, efficient, and supportive. I would recommend TLA to anyone.

April (Parent, first year with TLA):

Our family of five has taken the plunge into the homeschool life/community and are blown away with the incredible changes we have seen already. Our TLA teacher has been a direct reason for many of our successes. I feel he has done a wonderful job representing the schools' willingness to help families feel at-ease making the switch. Not only does he come up with wonderful curriculum suggestions, he also answers so many questions, and helps to lay aside some fears new homeschool parents have. He has reassured, encouraged and supported us entirely! Our children have adapted to learning from home and I am seeing curious minds blooming. Couldn't be any happier than I am with the TLA community, our teacher and our experience thus far.

Andrea (Parent, 3rd year with TLA):

Every child learns differently. Public school did not work for my children. This school has allowed my kids to learn the way they need to. The opportunities that they have had to either go as slow as needed or to be able to fly through programs and graduate early were all available to them. The people who work for TLA are all so kind, considerate, and accommodating. And the children who go there are one of a kind. Socially, both of my children have thrived. It is such an inclusive and welcoming environment. My son finally looks forward to going to school. My children are well "rounded" and do not fit into the "square hole" that the public school system offers. Couldn't be happier!

Mary (Students, 2nd year with TLA):

The online program of TLA is a well organized school with accommodations for everyone. It also allows everyone to work at their own pace which is great since everyone lives different life styles. The teachers are very helpful & quick to respond to questions. It is also a great privilege to have Christian teachers teaching us. May God bless you.

Heidi (Parent, 4th year with TLA):

My 2 children are in the blended program at TLA and we are so happy with the school, the Admin staff and, of course, the wonderful teachers who invest so heavily into our children's lives. Our concerns, which are minimal, have been quickly, and professionally addressed and we were made to feel like a valued part of this caring, Christian community. Our teachers are always accessible and give excellent feed back and suggestions. Their obvious love and concern for the kids is, in itself, very influential in promoting the love of learning we aim to instill in our kids in the homeschool community. The blended program is such a blessing and we count ourselves fortunate to be a part of it.

Suzanne (Parent, 6 years with TLA):

Schooling with TLA enabled our family to stay close, have travel adventures, and challenge our daughters in areas where they excelled. They enjoyed activities with their diverse group of friends, the engaging online courses, and the travel studies to England and California. Grades 7-12 were a success for them because of the flexibility and faith of the TLA community.

Rachelle (Parent, 2nd year with TLA):

TLA teachers are so caring and flexible with our family. The LA support has been amazing when our kids didn’t have any in public school!

Dezarae (Parent, 8th year with TLA):

TLA motto "Family First" is beyond these two words. Home school was an option to keep my two children well educated and challenged in their advanced abilities that public school could not fulfill, recognizing both had gifts and talents to excel in. TLA and it's exceptional staff and programs give the time to support and provide an excellent education.The options that are provided allow flexibility that are tailored to fit the lifestyle that work for your family and it's needs. All teachers and staff are involved in the child's learning activities, encouraging, engaging and supportive in all areas of life; standing upon the Christian beliefs that we are united in. TLA embraces all individuals in community working with parents, to strengthen the teaching relationship and willingness to enhance the students capabilities. My children, now teens, have become independent learners interacting with their peers and educators, applying skills to promote their future education and work potential. The events, travels and endless opportunities are given to appeal to those who have interest in several areas of culture. The quality and professionalism that TLA provides is also comforting and welcoming to anyone that walks through their doors. We are in our eighth year and my first child is graduating with confidence and determination, ready to take on the world. It is a reflection on the guidance, sacrifice, long hours, v -classes, personal council and advice in a caring environment TLA has supplied. I stand firm on their beliefs, vision and educational process with the highest honour of recommendation. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

AJ (Parent, 8th year with TLA):

We feel truly blessed to have homeschooled with TLA this past eight years. Our fabulous support teacher has made everything so much easier, helping us to choose appropriate, quality curriculum that suits our family, whilst ensuring 'all the boxes are ticked'.

Tina (Parent, 4th year with TLA):

After deciding on homeschooling in 2013, I chose TLA after careful consideration of how involved the staff is with the students abilities and knowledge of ailments students may have. Even without having to physically met my sons in person, the help of TLA staff with listening and assisting in my children's diagnosis of special needs has been a blessing. To have my son diagnosed autistic at 10 years old after fighting for the assessment for 6 years through other sources, I am grateful for their flexibility and hearts of listening and understanding to see the concerns that I have had regarding the abilities and struggles that my children have in learning and life. Thank you TLA for acknowledging this mom's worries and concerns and helping me get through them.

Leesa (Parent, 2nd year with TLA):

TLA is a phenomenal school...they care about their students and their needs, they make sure that students have all the supports they need, that their work is structured for them and that means less stress for them. Our daughter is in the LSS program and we couldn't be happier. Thank you TLA!

Anon (Parent, 7th year with TLA):

The TLA teachers and staff have provided amazing support and have been a blessing to us. As a family we have had such flexibility to do fully online learning, blended learning and even take some classes with TLA and some with our local high school. It has been a good fit for us a family in many, many ways. It has allowed us to spend more time as a family learning, allowed us to freedom in our conversations around our faith in our learning and it has allowed us to tailor the learning to our different children's learning styles and learning needs.

Anon (Parent, 6th year with TLA):

TLA has given my child the freedom to be successful at her own pace, in her own way, and to choose the environments she can do her work in.