Virtue El-Aleyrt


Virtue has been a part of the TLA team since 2013. She is passionate about teaching as well as learning from both her students and peers. Virtue encourages all children to be passionate and creative towards their interests and the interests of others. She also strives to instill determination in the heart of every child, nourishing each child to grow gracefully as a tender plant reaching towards the beaming future. She believes in revolutionizing the way teachers teach, providing unwavering support and principal values. She is committed to working closely with children, parents and fellow teachers alike in developing and facilitating a dynamic curriculum and ensuring a warm and encouraging environment. Virtue graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts Combined in Linguistics, Applied Languages, and Spanish. Her post-secondary education also included studies facilitated at Universidad de Autonoma in Madrid, Spain. She lives in Vancouver with her family and thoroughly enjoys the art of Lebanese cuisine, gardening and is constantly in awe of God’s magnificent creation.