Darren Stoltz


Darren enjoys quiet time, walking somewhere/anywhere and sitting under the clouds and trees next to water.

Darren relishes time at home playing intensely with his kids. He loves his wife’s hugs, his eldest’s ideas, his middle one’s playfulness and his youngest’s eyes.

He appreciates competition, the predictability and unpredictability of sport, the life illustrations found in chess and the making something out of nothing in the game of backgammon.

He’s amazed at the fingerprints of God throughout nature and is humbled by the voice of Yahweh on the Page and in his heart, learning His ways are perfect and his aren’t, the precious gift of repentance and a broken heart.

Darren’s thrilled learning about history and that Solomon was right, the alphabetical symbols and all their permutations of combinations of meaning and playing board games with friends.

And yes, he salivates over wholesome-rich-thick-nutritious-tasty-mmmm-toxicandgmofree-grown yourself food, as well as savouring morning three shot espressos.

Finally, he anticipates “the-lights-came-on” look in the eyes of his students and the search for truth, working in a professional field where what he does makes families stronger and children more confident and creative.