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February 12, 2019

Virginia joined the LSS department at TLA in 2013. Her previous work was in post-secondary education, teaching in psychology, counselling, Bible studies, and Christian History. She transitioned to K-12 education and has found her work with students who need learning support to be deeply satisfying. She has also been a teacher in a BC provincial prison, where she also volunteers with the chaplain’s office; has worked in children’s ministries; and provides pastoral counselling within her local congregation.

Her educational journey includes degrees in Christian education, theological studies, counselling, and educational leadership. She views participation in Christian education and pursuing excellence for our students as a privilege.

Virginia is married to Ralph. They have two adult children, and three delightful grandchildren. They share interests in reading (biographies of historical persons), music (Ralph is a vocalist and Virginia is a flutist), hiking, camping, kayaking, and taking road trips with their grandchildren.