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Learning Support Services

K – 9

Welcome to the K-9 department. TLA offers multiple learning paths for students to create a personalized program that suits their learning needs. Our Home program is available province-wide and starts with parent, teacher, and student working together to set up a personalized Student Learning Plan. Our Blended courses and programs are available in Cloverdale and in other select areas of the province. Online courses in grade 7-9 can supplement the Home program or Blended courses to make a complete program, and can be viewed here

TLA DL's Home division exists to serve families in educating children at home using traditional and/or high-tech learning resources and programs. Our Home teachers work with families to develop individualized learning programs incorporating BC Ministry of Education learning standards in skills and content.

Built uniquely for the individual, learning plans incorporate interests, passions, and goals into provincially accredited learning standards.  Home teachers provide counselling and assistance with instruction, access to resources, support for the learning environment, evaluation of the program and child's success, and long-term planning.

TLA Home teachers work in close cooperation with all other departments of TLA's diverse program to ensure everyone finds a School to call Home.

Blended Courses

TLA Blended Courses are delivered through a blended learning approach – within each course students divide their time between attending class physically at our school locations and learning remotely using online delivery of content and instruction.

Students attend 1.5 hours in the classroom per course each week, taking part in an engaging learning environment where they benefit from interacting with their peers and working under the guidance of a BC certified teacher.

Outside of the classroom, students will have access to course content and weekly communication through an online course page.

The time in the classroom is then spent on the application of concepts, higher-level thinking activities, and group work.

Link to our 2018-19 Blended schedule. 

Blended Programs

TLA's one-day and two-day K-9 Blended Programs provide an opportunity for students under a teacher’s guidance to pursue personal interests individually and in a group or cohort. Blended programs blend the “Home” learning system with varying amounts of classroom learning.

Built around a teacher’s program or subject area of strength, learning plans enable personalization of study around and in support of the teacher’s program. and a study format that brings out the strengths of each individual student. Teacher’s programs include that portion of the learning plan developed prior to the teacher and student becoming acquainted. Learning plans often evolve as the learning year progresses.

The learning framework is collaborative and project based. Project Based Learning is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and develop deeper learning competencies required for success today and in future endeavours.

Link to our 2018-19 Blended schedule.


TLA offers a variety of Online courses at the grade 6-9 level that can be integrated with the Home program or added to Blended courses to make a complete program.

Taught by BC certified teachers, the grade 7-9 online courses allow students to work at their own pace, creating the freedom to focus on passions and interests that are the hallmark of home learning.