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March 12, 2021

Join the TLA Minecraft community and/or just have fun together in the TLA Mines! These three-session classes are required for new players wanting to join the TLA Mines and the second- and third-sessions are open to all members of the TLA Minecraft community to join for fun and profit!
  1. Friendly, Helpful Minecrafting : Everything you need to get started in the TLA Mines.
  2. Co-ordinate Quest : Learn about Minecraft’s coordinate system and the TLA Mines’ quest system with a coordinate-based treasure hunt with rewards for all at the end.
  3. Village Defence Initiative : Join with your fellow TLA Minecrafters to help defend a defenseless village!
  4. Keep a fourth day open, in case something comes up and a class needs to be postponed.

This series of three classes will be held at two different times – please choose your timeslot in the form.