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December 9, 2020

Taught online by Charis Hammermeister : Stay moving and active during the dark winter months! Join Ms. Hammermeister online for an introductory taekwondo class. This fun class will involve cardio exercise, basic kicking and hand techniques, and an introduction to fundamental self defense concepts. No prior martial arts experience is necessary.

– Webcam and microphone
– Enough space that the student can move around safely and can be seen in the webcam from at least the knees up (siblings may share a webcam, but each student needs to have enough room to participate safely)

For both instruction and safety purposes, students will be asked to leave their webcam on for the entire class in order to receive feedback.

Please note: parents assume sole responsibility for hazards created by animals or objects in the room.

Ms. Hammermeister is a third degree black belt and a head instructor in Olympic-style taekwondo.