Home K-9 and grades 10-12 admissions are OPEN.

K-12 Learning Support Services admissions are being waitlisted at this time.

Blended K-9 admissions are closed, with the exception of openings for Blended One-Day or Blended Two-Day K-3 Vancouver. All other K-9 Blended programs are currently full with no waitlist.

Written by:

Steve Borley


February 6, 2022

Why our Home program assigns students by family and not by grade. Our Home teachers support learning by partnering with parents and supporting their efforts to foster student learning instead of directly teaching a single grade of students. One reason we do this is because we believe this enables real personalization of learning for the child who is then being mentored and instructed by the person who knows him or her the best and is the most “invested” in student success. BC’s curriculum strongly supports this approach. This is, by far, our largest school program, and has been since TLA Online began.