Parent and student names truncated and generic photos used to maintain privacy.

Miranda R.

Hello Mrs. Johnson,

I did my final provincial exam, English 12, on April 7th at a Newfoundland high school. I now have all my credits to graduate!

It has been hard work but the time has flown by. Thank-you so much for your encouragement back in Gr. 10. I am very glad I followed through with your advice to continue on.

TLA is absolutely phenomenal. The teachers are so dedicated and the system makes graduating very accessible. High school, thanks to the amazing people behind TLA, has been a memorable and gratifying experience.

I thought I would email you since you were directed me to TLA and were very supportive of my schooling. Hope you have a blessed rest of the school year and a happy summer!

Miranda R.

Miranda R.Graduated Student

I had a very pleasant experience at TLA’s open house in Surrey today.

Mr Steve Borley answered all my questions, and YES, TLA can work with me towards my grade 9 daughter wanting to do DL (distance learning), and take some electives courses, namely band & choir at a school in Maple Ridge.

Unlike usual cross-enrolment cases, where brick & mortar schools aren’t willing to take DL students in grade 8 or 9, I’m so thankful TLA is willing to work with me & the school in Maple Ridge! This option was made available just last year but my dilemma is my current DL is not ready to handle cross enrolment for K-9 grades, but TLA is.

Do give Mr Steve Borley a call at 1-800-745-1320 (ext 104) or email him at

I believe you will find TLA a good DL school to work with. Blessings in your search for a DL school for your grade 8 girls.

CindyCross-Enroled Parent, Maple Ridge

Hi Steve, my comments don’t do justice to how thrilled I am and how thrilled Matt and Frances are. We’re so impressed with you and how willing you are to spend so much time with them. Also, they were able to make connections with other people and it really feels like a community.

Thank you for everything. I can’t help but feel like what’s happening at TLA is part of God’s big picture and it’s exciting to be a part of it.

DinekeHomeschooling Parent

I just wanted to touch base about the changes in grant allotment. There seems to be some general upheaval among some parents, and I can’t understand exactly why. I am wondering if I am missing something. Yes, it takes a couple more steps to get your PO number, and this can be very time consuming if your teacher doesn’t get back to you on things. However, the good thing is that it will encourage parents who leave their planning to the last minute to be more organized. It also encourages parents to think about their children’s educational plan in a more thorough way vs “winging” it. It is also another big step towards making sure children are actually getting some solid curriculum. I love that. It’s been frustrating to see some families paying for their many extra curricular activities with their grant money while they “unschool or no school”. My personal viewpoint is that it is a disservice to their children, and it creates a poor public perception that other families have to overcome.

But putting all that aside, it doesn’t appear to me that families are losing a bunch of funding. In fact, depending on the resources a family needs, they may even be coming out a bit ahead of the game with the non-consumables being loaned to them, internet reimbursement, and consumables budget. And TLA is carrying the unfathomable load of purchasing the non-consumables, storing, organizing, and facilitating the process.

I spoke briefly to a teacher from another DL school at our violin recital, and she feels that the government will continue to cut the funding. So, it made me think that maybe that’s why TLA has decided to go the loaning route on non-consumables in order to be able to still put as much “money” in the hands of families in the future.

I don’t think families can ever imagine the workload, worry, and advocating that TLA shoulders for us so that we can have the privilege to homeschool our children in a manner that allows them to achieve a fully recognized dogwood diploma. I think of that privilege often when I see samples of the reality that my children are saved from by not having to attend public school. And then during this time of strike action, I have been again thankful on another totally different level.

I don’t know if I am missing some big pieces of the puzzle, but as far as I have been able to tell TLA families are being cared for to extraordinary levels during this time of cutbacks. While I have heard of some parental rumblings, I hope they have been minimal. I know how deflating it can be when so much hard work and good intentions are put into something only to have negativity returned. Please know how much we appreciate our TLA experience.

Wishing you a super day,

CandiceHomeschooling Parent
Surrey Area Tutor

I have been telling my kids and families that you have enough staff to make things move smoothly. It’s not about the courses, per se, it’s about timely responses to queries, assignments, and other communications. Every student I have sent you reports happiness with TLA. (psst – you even had one of the mayor’s daughters through there). I have had some concussion kids who cannot yet handle classroom life, and they love the flexibility of on-line courses. Keep it up!

Surrey Area TutorReferred families to the TLA Open House
Parent of a Grade 9 student in Innovations

[My daughter] thrived in the Innovations Online program this year! She was engaged and motivated, which is so much better than last year when she did the textbook approach at home, with very minimal discussion with me due to my first year of part-time work and schooling her young brother…Thanks for everything you do for this new program! It worked really well for [my daughter]. It not only engaged her this year but it also allowed her more time for her instrument practicing. I think this program used her time most efficiently, allowing her time to practice the violin for 4 hours each day! As you know, she is going into music for post-secondary so her grade 12 year will be very busy preparing for auditions. Innovations Online may very well be the way to go for her.

Parent of a Grade 9 student in Innovations

Thank you also for all the hard work you’ve been doing all these years. You’re an amazing blessing to our family and to so many others, I’m sure. I don’t communicate with you much, but would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I appreciate you very much, and everything that you do.

Every year, the government seems to change things around for the DL’s, but you and your staff are just awesome in helping us, families, cope and make the best use of God’s provision for us to continue to educate our children in our homes.

Thank you again! And all praises and glory to our wonderful heavenly Father for all wisdom and strength that He has given you and everyone at TLA! May He bless and keep you and yours! Many thanks and blessings!

A Thankful Mom

I just wanted to let you know that Joanna Lai has been a real blessing to our family!

She has been wonderfully caring toward our son and has helped us design an SLP tailor-made for him in anticipation of his coming Psych Ed Assessment. When she was in our home for our recent home visit, she was so keenly interested in all that our son was doing and easily broke through the nerves and barriers and put him at ease with her gentle demeanour.

She has also been so very patient and helpful with me as I learn the ropes of DL in spite of homeschooling for many years now — not easy to teach an old dog new tricks! She has been a true professional and has worked with me to find ways to best address our son’s learning issues.

What I was anticipating as an antagonistic/defensive relationship (shame on me!) has turned into a delightful, collaborative team both pulling in the same direction for the best possible education for our son.

Thank you so much for having wonderful teachers such as Joanna on your team!

Blessings on your day!

A Thankful Mom