Our Programs

TLA offers a wide variety of innovative and engaging programs for K-12 and adult learners.

TLA Home (K-9)

K-9 students, parents, and a Home teacher work closely together to develop and implement a personalized program tailored to the needs and passions of the student and the goals of the parents.

The teachers ensure that the students are meeting the provincial learning standards through weekly dialogue with the students or parents.

Three times a year, teachers prepare a written report card documenting each child’s achievements.

TLA Online

Grade 8-12 students may access one or more high quality online courses written and taught by TLA teachers.

We have one of the lowest online student to teacher ratios in BC and our focus is helping students learn through building community online.

Grade 8-12 students may also cross-enrol with TLA Online and neighbourhood schools.

Grad Adapted Program

Students who experience learning challenges achieve success through adapted content and learning strategies.

TLA Blended Courses

Courses (7-12)

Students in Grades 7-12 may take the following courses by attending class face to face once per week:

  • STEM: Science/Tech/Math
  • Humanities: Social Studies/English
  • Sciences: grade 11 and 12 courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • PE
  • Drama
  • Technology
  • Leadership

The teachers engage the students in an innovative, technology rich blended learning environment.

TLA Blended Programs

Blended Two Day Program (1-9)

Grade 1-9 students attend face-to-face two days per week and engage in project based and inquiry based learning.

Innovations Online (4-8)

Grade 4-8 students attend face-to-face (online) one day per week and engage in project based and inquiry based learning.

Innovations Online (9-12)

Cross-curricular, problem-solving learning focusing on the development of 4 core competencies: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Community. This program offers credit for high school subjects in grades 9- 12 through cross-curricular inquiry based learning for most grade 9 – 12 core and elective courses.

TLA Learning Support Services

Students with special needs designations or who need extra learning support receive services and assistance from certified teachers with special education qualifications and experience.

TLA Traditional Homeschool

The BC School Act requires homeschooling parents in BC to provide an “educational program” that fulfills the mission statement of the Ministry of Education: “to enable all learners to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy, democratic and pluralistic society and prosperous and sustainable economy”.

There is an expectation among many parents that students who learn at home should accomplish the same learning outcomes expected of students in the public system or on a DL program. However, so long as parents are fulfilling the mandate described above they have the freedom to choose methods of instruction and curriculum resources that best suit their family’s needs. There is abundant homeschool literature available for parents who are seeking guidelines to implement a homeschooling program. TLA can also provide guidance and support – please call and speak to any of our staff.

Traditional Homeschoolers at TLA also have full access to all our classes, field trips as well as online resources.

The difference between a homeschool program and a DL program can be found on the Ministry website.

TLA provides an unofficial high school transcript for registered traditional homeschoolers who are ready to transfer to the workforce or college. We also encourage participation in our graduation ceremony.

The Provincial Association of Homeschoolers and the BC Home Learners Association can help you with general information and also connect you with support groups in your area.

For guidance and support, we can help. Call our office to speak with our staff or use our Consult Request form (click button below) to book a consultation: