Thank you for your consideration in applying to TLA for one of the employment opportunities below.

Applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and statement of faith by e-mail to or fill out our Employment Form below.

Learning Support Services (LSS) Teacher

TLA Online is accepting applications for a Learning Support Services (LSS) Teacher. This position will commence in September 2016.

Potential candidates must:

  1. Be a committed Christian
  2. Be a BC certified Teacher
  3. Have a background in special needs, specifically in servicing students with mental health and behavioural challenges.

LSS Teacher responsibilities include:

  1. Working and communicating with families, LSS vice principal, educational assistants, community support professionals, and administrative staff to ensure implementation of programs for K-12 student with special education designation
  2. Maintaining knowledge and access to resources, services, and strategies to
    assist students with special needs, as well as the new BC curriculum
  3. Monitoring and evaluating student progress based on individualized goals and objectives on IEP and student learning plans

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and statement of faith via the form below.

For inquiries, please check out our website or contact Lindsay Sanderson (K-9 LSS Vice Principal) and Joanne Bueno (10-12 LSS Vice Principal) at

Part-Time STEM Teacher

We are currently looking to hire an outstanding science, technology, engineering and math teacher to join our grades 7-12 blended learning program in Cloverdale. Preference will be given to teachers who have demonstrated a willingness to learn/abilities in any combination of coding, 3D printing, robotics, web design and media arts.

Please submit your cover letter, resume, and statement of faith via the form below.

For inquiries check out our website or contact Vice-Principal, Bryan Young at

Home Teacher, All BC Regions, K-Grade 9

Home Teacher for all BC regions (willing and able to serve families knowledgeably in the Distributed Learning environment.)

Qualifications sought:

  • BC Certified Teacher
  • Willing to work with students and their families for grade Kindergarten to Grade 9;
  • Willingness to learn new approaches and philosophies of education;
  • Technological proficiency; and
  • Eagerness to work in community with parents, students, and a large team of teachers.

Direct Innovations Teachers


The Direct Innovations teacher facilitates synchronous and online and/or at home learning for
students. He/she works with families, teaching staff, and administrators to ensure the
implementation of Ministry required and personalized courses for students as specified by the
schedule of courses assigned.


  • Maintain detailed knowledge of Curriculum requirements, BC Education Redesign Curriculum and Learning Standards, Performance Standards, curriculum materials, resources and activities for the grade levels taught.
  • Engage students in dynamic learning opportunities both face‐to‐face, at home and/or
    online, utilizing project-based, inquiry-based, problem-based learning and opportunities for personalized learning
  • Ensure ongoing communication with parents and/or students.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on student progress.
  • Meet all administrative requirements such as accurate Student List documentation,
    including active dates.



  • Develop student‐learning plans (SLPs) personalized for each student.
  • Ensure parents, students and administration have access to the SLPs.
  • Ensure parents have signed and agree to the content of the SLP.
  • Set learning standards for each student.
  • Research new topic areas, maintaining up‐to‐date subject knowledge, and devising and
    writing new curriculum materials.
  • Ensure an appropriate balance between home, online and face‐to‐face work.


  • Maintain weekly communication with students and their parents in a supportive and
    encouraging manner.
  • Respond to administration, parental and student queries in within 24 hours on working
  • Participate in staff and departmental meetings, parents’ evenings and whole school
    training events


  • Organize the classroom, learning resources and create displays to encourage a positive
    learning environment.
  • Motivate students with enthusiastic, imaginative presentation;
  • Maintain discipline;
  • Prepare and mark work to facilitate student learning; students’ assignments should be marked, with feedback in a 7-day turnaround.
  • Plan, prepare and present lessons and learning opportunities that cater for the needs of
    the whole ability range within the class, differentiating the instruction as required
  • Manage student behaviour in the classroom and on school premises, and apply
    appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehavior.


  • Develop a process for assessment and evaluation of and for learning.
  • Maintain a record of student assessment accessible to administration.
  • Prepare three formal written reports each school year in line with TLA’s Report Card
  • Assess and report on student work against provincial standards and Core Competencies.
  • Assist in the administration and supervision of FSA tests for Grade 4 and 7 students, or
    other testing as needed.

Extra‐Curricular Duties

  • Provide at least 20 hours of supervision for extra‐curricular activities online or face to
    face (per full time teacher). This will be met through outside supervision during recess, lunch and field trips.

Exercising Judgment

  • Chooses suitable learning resources to meet the student’s needs and to fulfill the
    BC Learning Standards.
  • If the learning‐assistance teacher or Special Needs Vice‐Principal determines that a
    student’s individual needs require a modified or adapted learning plan (IEP), the teacher
    will implement and assess the goals in the IEP with the support of the learning assistance or Special Needs teacher.
  • Collaborate with the TLA Direct Innovations team, Direct team and administration to work together to solve a common problem or address a common concern.
  • Inform the Innovations Coordinator and Direct Vice-Principal of problems or conflicts as necessary
  • Evaluate progress in consultation with the Innovations Coordinator Direct Vice-Principal, including classroom observation.
  • Plan activities for professional development in consultation with the Innovations Coordinator and Direct Vice-Principal.

Working Relationships

The Direct teacher reports to the Innovations Coordinator and Direct Vice-Principal on student progress and works with the Innovations team, administrators and where necessary other teachers to ensure the smooth operation of the TLA Innovations and Direct program.

Minimum Qualifications

BC teachers’ certificate