Exploring new & emerging technologies with the next generation


Partnering with parents & students

to foster quality learning at home

Flexibility & Choice

Your child is unique, so why should your child’s education be ‘one-size-fits-all’? Because we put families first, we want you to have choice and flexibility in your child’s education, to suit how your child learns best.

Community & Care

Our team of professional Christian teachers and staff is committed to partnering with families to provide the best educational experience for your children, while supporting your choices and values.

Quality & Variety

A BC certified K-12 independent DL school, we offer online courses and home-teacher support across the province. Our on-site classes support your child’s learning in diverse pathways.

The TLA Advantage

  • Free Online Courses

    Free online courses supported by BC certified teachers

  • Certified BC Teachers

    Certified BC teachers who support students’ unique needs and ways of learning

  • Choice & Flexibility

    Choice and flexibility in how your student can learn

  • Low Student-To-Teacher Ratios

    Low student to teacher ratios for more in-depth and personalized learning

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital literacy supported by an experienced tech team

  • Parent Engagement & Support

    Parent engagement through regular teacher contact, available principals, guidance counseling, academic support and community support.