The TLA Advantage

  • Online Courses

    Online courses supported by BC certified teachers

  • BC Certified Teachers

    BC Certified teachers who support students’ unique needs and ways of learning

  • Christian Educators

    The teachers at TLA Online are a community of Christian educators of various denominations. We are not affiliated as a school with any particular denomination. We welcome families and students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds who want to partner with us in educating their children all or partly at home.

  • Choice & Flexibility

    Choice and flexibility with a variety of home based, blended and online programs.

  • Low Student-To-Teacher Ratios

    Low student to teacher ratios for more in-depth and personalized learning

  • Digital Literacy

    Digital literacy supported by BC certified teachers and an experienced tech team

  • Parent Engagement & Support

    Parent, student and teacher partnership, accessible administration, guidance counselling, academic and community support.

  • Inclusive

    TLA Online will ensure that children attending this school will experience a learning environment that enables every child to feel safe, accepted, and respected.