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Learning Support Services
At TLA, the Learning Support Service (LSS) program provides personalized and diverse supports for special education students.
Our Objective

TLA's Learning Support Services program provides parents to foster a positive individualized educational distributed learning environment for their special needs children.

Our Approach

Students with special needs are assigned to qualified Learning Support Services teachers.

A Learning Support Services teacher will manage and be part of the student’s educational team which include parents/guardians and can consist of support staff and service providers. Together, these team members will work collaboratively to ensure that a specialized and individualized program is created for the student.

This program will cater to the student’s learning profile, his/her strengths and needs, and his/her goals to function in his/her environments. Collaboration is key to TLA Online’s approach for the implementation of the programs of our special needs students.

Our Team

Our Learning Support Services teacher team consists of BC certified, qualified, and dedicated teachers who are eager to take part in the distributed learning education of students with special needs. We are committed to quality individualized education programs for the students we service.