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February 19, 2021

For all of you science enthusiasts, this is for you! We will be having our first ever virtual science fair this May. The event will take place fully online.

Learn what an inquiry science project is and how to form a good question for your project by attending the mandatory information session with Hannah Queenan for your age group on March 31.  During this session, Ms. Queenan will also explain how the online science fair will run and how to submit your science project topic to her before moving ahead with your inquiry.  Once your topic has been approved for the science fair, you will work on it at your own pace and be prepared for the online science fair that will take place on May 5, 6, and 7.

Not sure if this science fair is for you but would like to learn more?  You can still sign up for the information session!  Signing up for the info session does not mean your child is signed up for the science fair.  After the info session, if your child desires to participate, your child will need to submit his/her topic for the fair and this will be his/her official sign up.  All the details will be explained in the session on March 31.

This is an opportunity for you to share the culmination of your scientific inquiry this year and we hope you will join us in our first online science fair!

Community Class Information Session:

Grades 1-2 at 10am on Wednesday, March 31st – sign up here

Grades 3-5 at 11am on Wednesday, March 31st – sign up here

Grades 6-8 at 1pm on Wednesday, March 31st – sign up here

Virtual Science Fair:

Grades 1-2 on Wednesday, May 5th

Grades 3-5 on Thursday, May 6th

Grades 6-8 on Friday May 7th