Overview of TLA Online Program (eLearning)

Supporting Student Learning in Grades 8 – 12

Online Courses 8-12

TLAOnline-Programs-Online-Keyboard-578x384-zAt TLA Online we build partnerships with parents to provide Online grade 8 – 12 courses for your student. TLA Online’s grade 8-12 options combine rich course content, experienced online teachers, a dedicated technical team and support staff to create the best online and blended learning environments, offering every student the opportunity to succeed.

Students in grades 10-12 may combine TLA Online enrolment with TLA Direct classes or cross-enrolment with another school. Students in grades 8 and 9 may combine with TLA Home and/or TLA Direct.

Own Learning Path

Create your own learning path


If your student likes to work independently and has some experience working on a computer,  our continuous enrollment Online program for grades 8 – 12 allows you to create your own unique learning path.

You can register for courses at any time of year as TLA is a continuous-entry school that accepts registrations all year round. You can choose your completion times as long as you complete courses any time within a year of your start date.

Supporting your student is our TLA Online team’s only job.

Our administration and teaching staff are committed to helping your student achieve academic excellence and making learning online engaging and accessible. We work with you and your student every step of the way to smooth the transition, whether it is  from home-based learning to individualized courses taught by different teachers, or from a classroom setting to learning online. Our goal is to make each student’s academic success a personal  reality.

3 eLearning Benefits

TLAOnline-Programs-Online-eLearningTripleThreat_450x486Whether you choose to enrol exclusively in a DL online program, or to combine online learning with other programs, there are a number of advantages to enrolling in online courses. Here are three ways we believe your child can benefit from learning online at TLA.

To learn more about how e-Learning will fit into your child’s educational plan, call to speak with one of our team today.

Choice of learning styles

Flexibility in pace

Timely feedback


I've never taken an online course. Will I be able to manage the technology?

How will I connect to my courses and my teachers?

Does taking an online course mean being online the whole time to do the work?

Who is successful at online learning?

Is it possible to take a certified high school diploma through TLA Online?

What is available for teacher support?

How much do technology skills play a part in online learning?

Is there a cost for your online (grades 10-12) courses?

How do we get the books we need for your courses?

How long does a course take to complete?

How fast can I finish a course? What is the maximum time I can take?

When can I start a course and how do I pick up more courses?

Will your courses count toward graduation? Are they certified?

Can I go to your school and another school at the same time?

How do your courses work?

How do tests work?

Do universities look upon DL/Online courses any differently than courses from other schools?

Innovations Program

TLA’s Innovations Online program enables students to earn course credits through cross-curricular, problem-solving learning focusing on the development of 4 core competencies: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Community.

Throughout the academic year, students in the cohort of no more than 8 students will cycle through a series of topics together with one or two mentor-teachers, meeting online weekly with their mentors and groups.

Students work collaboratively and independently on problem-solving projects anchored to real-world or authentic contexts. The competency-based and problem-solving skills you acquire in this program will help students prepare to meet the challenges facing twenty-first century citizens.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Would you like to challenge yourself academically and earn dual credit for courses you take in high school that will also count as university credit in your first year of post-secondary education? AP courses offer the opportunity to demonstrate mastery and university credit accepted in universities across North America by taking AP exams. Our online AP courses are paced. Students start in September as an AP course cohort and work together with their AP teacher to learn the skills they need to master, and prepare for the AP exams in May.

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Grad Adapted Program (GAP)

The Grad Adapted Program allows students with learning difficulties a way to cover the BC graduation requirements with adapted reading levels and output expectations that allow for a greater chance for success when combined with parental support and support for special needs as required.

The student will earn a BC Dogwood Diploma if all requirements have been met.

Documentation of student need is requested and if no documentation is available the student’s abilities will be assessed using the Stanford basic test which looks at the basic skill levels in reading, writing and math.

Admission to the program is based on learning needs including academic, mental and physical needs that may require a student to be on an adapted program.

We’re always improving.

And making learning better for your student.

Here are improvements to TLA’s Online Grad Program for the upcoming school year:

  • New Live on Location Week field trips, activities & classes

    New field trips, activities and classes for our Live on Location (LOL) Week sessions – Term 1: Oct 24-26, Term 2: Feb 6-8, Term 3: May 23-24. Face to face classes and field trips/activities for grade 8-12 students.

  • Combine enrolment

    Local students are able to combine enrolment in TLA Online, Innovations, and Direct, as well as cross-enrol with other bricks-and-mortar BC schools.

TLA Grad Ceremony 2014

Traditional Learning Academy’s 2014 Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations to our graduates of 2014!

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