World War II Website Created by Humanities 11 Class

Mrs. Uher’s Humanities 11 class has once again finished it’s World War II website, called From Valour to Victory.
It was a collaborative project by all 14 Hum 11 students, and focuses on the battles that Canada was involved in during WWII. At times whole Canadian units fought, and at others, Canadian soldiers joined with Commonwealth forces to add their expertise and numbers. Many times the RAF added their fantastic air support to various battles and invasions.
You will notice that on each page the student has chosen a Canadian veteran to honour. It has been Mrs. Uher’s hope that the research and understanding goes beyond what they read, and become personal. Some students both last year and this year chose to honour family members, either veterans or survivors of the war in Europe.
This website not only involves the learning of Canadian involvement in WWII, writing practice, primary document research, and web design, but also provides them a very handy site to study from for the Gr.11 Socials Provincial Exam.