Two TLA Teachers Attend Canadian Institute on Parliamentary Decomcracy

Mrs. Zandbergen and Mrs. Uher had the honour of being chosen for the Canadian Institute on Parliamentary Democracy, hosted in Ottawa from Feb. 21-26, 2016. During the week they were able to see all the sights of Ottawa, and get an in-depth and behind the scenes look into parliamentary democracy in Canada. (While trying to stay warm!)
The itinerary was packed with sessions in the House and Senate (with the Speakers), media, MP and Senate panels, lunches with clerks, researchers and lobbyists, and even a talk by the former Press Secretary for PM Stephen Harper. Everything was designed to give us a stronger background to teach from, ignite a passion for Canadian democracy, and inspire us to write new projects and units for our socials, civics and history classes.
This amazing week was topped off with an awards banquet in the Parliamentary Dining Room, at which both teachers were presented with an Excellence in Teaching Award. Mrs. Uher and Mrs. Zandbergen thoroughly enjoyed their week and came home encouraged and exhausted!IMG_4993
Mrs. U and Mrs. Z at the Canadian War Memorial.


Mrs. U and Mrs. Z in front of Center Block, Parliament Hill.
Mrs. Z in the Senate Chamber.
Mrs. U in Quebec looking across at Parliament Hill.