Chess Champions!

In April 2016, 3 TLA students and brothers won their respective age group in the BC Youth Chess Championship, Provincials by age:

John Doknjas, U18 Open BC Youth Chess Champion

Joshua Doknjas, U14 Open BC Youth Chess Champion

Neil Doknjas, U12 Open BC Youth Chess Champion


TLA Has Talent!

Traditional Learning Academy recently hosted a talent show, where students (and teachers!) performed various skills.  Here are a few photos from the event!


2016 TLA Talent show 2016 TLA Talent show-002 2016 TLA Talent show-007 2016 TLA Talent show-020 2016 TLA Talent show-028 2016 TLA Talent show-032 2016 TLA Talent show-035 2016 TLA Talent show-036 2016 TLA Talent show-037 2016 TLA Talent show-039


The Innovations program is expanding its online program offerings and you are now able to join our Innovations Online community of learners. You can choose to participate in our project-based online learning community in one of two ways. Choose the way that you think you will be most comfortable with learning.


Option 1:  Think you want to learn in a student-led collaborative, project-based learning program? Join the Innovations Online 8- 9 cohort: Earn full course credit for your grade-level subjects in the Innovations Online project-based learning program.  You can enroll in most of your courses (with the exception of math, 2nd language, and PE) through Innovations or as few as one. You will meet with your mentor-teacher and your cohort of grade 8 & 9 students once a week in a virtual classroom using video conferencing. Your mentor-teacher will help you personalize your learning plan and set goals for projects that set you on a path of learning things you want to learn and help you find ways to demonstrate your learning that are meaningful and fun for you to try. You will work independently and collaboratively with the other members of your cohort. Learning is always more fun when you can learn together!


Option 2: A little shy to commit to a whole program this year? Why not just dip your toe in to see what it’s like to learn this way? If you join Innovations Remote, you will connect with other students in grades 5-8 to collaborate on one group project at a time throughout the year. You won’t be graded by your mentor-teacher, but you will be able to apply what you demonstrate in your learning to your home program. Your mentor-teacher guides your cohort on student-led projects that will pique your curiosity and you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers online each week. Find out how fun learning can be when you learn together!

Want more information about how you can get connected to TLA Innovations Online?  Get in touch…


Erin Philps TLA Innovations Online Coordinator gr. 5 – 9 (

Adding Innovation and Collaboration to Your Grad Program





TLA ONLINE INNOVATIONS provides an opportunity for students from grades 10 – 12  to learn in a creative, collaborative, and tightly connected learning community. Students earn grade-level credits in multiple subjects in the cross-curricular projects they complete, both independently and in collaboration with other students. TLA Online Innovations makes learning interactive and focuses skills on making content connections within real-world contexts.


All of that sound too heady? How about this?


TLA Innovations Online allows you to enjoy learning in a small cohort where you can get to know and collaborate with other students online. In Innovations you lead your own learning by creating projects that will net you grade-level credit in multiple subjects. You decide where you want to find the answers to your own questions and how you want to demonstrate your learning. Your mentor-teacher will help you personalize your learning plan so that what you learn in each project can be credited towards multiple subject areas. You will have opportunities to share the projects you are really proud of or excited about with your peers. Everyone gets inspired and you go on to the next one – maybe sparked by a new idea someone else has demonstrated in their project.

Who can learn this way? Practically anyone – all you really need is willingness to learn and to collaborate with others. You don’t need to be good at memorizing content and taking quizzes (there aren’t any – except for practice for the provincial exam in grades 10-12). You don’t even have to know that much about the computer! You’ll learn the computer skills and tools that are practical for you as you see what someone else has done in one of their projects, get curious about how they did it,  ask, and then try it out yourself. You’ll be surprised and proud of how much you learn in one year of Innovations – not just content and computer skills, but skills in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. All you need is the willingness to commit to weekly real-time online networking sessions with your mentor-teacher and your cohort, and the interest in exploring topics within the subjects you are enrolled in through TLA Innovations Online. Learning can be fun when you’re connected to innovations!


Want more information about how you can get connected to TLA Innovations Online?  Get in touch…


CJ MacKinnon-Scott TLA Innovations Online Coordinator gr. 10-12 (


Two TLA Teachers Attend Canadian Institute on Parliamentary Decomcracy

Mrs. Zandbergen and Mrs. Uher had the honour of being chosen for the Canadian Institute on Parliamentary Democracy, hosted in Ottawa from Feb. 21-26, 2016. During the week they were able to see all the sights of Ottawa, and get an in-depth and behind the scenes look into parliamentary democracy in Canada. (While trying to stay warm!)
The itinerary was packed with sessions in the House and Senate (with the Speakers), media, MP and Senate panels, lunches with clerks, researchers and lobbyists, and even a talk by the former Press Secretary for PM Stephen Harper. Everything was designed to give us a stronger background to teach from, ignite a passion for Canadian democracy, and inspire us to write new projects and units for our socials, civics and history classes.
This amazing week was topped off with an awards banquet in the Parliamentary Dining Room, at which both teachers were presented with an Excellence in Teaching Award. Mrs. Uher and Mrs. Zandbergen thoroughly enjoyed their week and came home encouraged and exhausted!IMG_4993
Mrs. U and Mrs. Z at the Canadian War Memorial.


Mrs. U and Mrs. Z in front of Center Block, Parliament Hill.
Mrs. Z in the Senate Chamber.
Mrs. U in Quebec looking across at Parliament Hill.

Humanities 12 Political Ideologies Debate

On Thursday, March 10, Mrs. Uher’s Humanities 12 class held a debate about political ideologies.

14 communist, democratic and even 3 dictatorial political leaders from 13 countries around the globe, as well as Pope John Paul II, debated issues such as world hunger, terrorism and communism yesterday at the UN satellite location ‘Hawthorne Square’. Each leader came prepared to debate and compromise on these hot issues, but Cuba and N. Korea would not budge on their selfish views! (no matter how hard Lester Pearson and the Pope tried!)”

IMG_5421 IMG_5424 IMG_5427 IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5433

Humanities 11 Social Justice Debate

On Thursday, March 10, the Social Studies 11 class held a Social Justice Debate.

7 Canadian prime ministers and 8 lobbyists came together to debate major issues facing Canada today. Terrorism, abortion, minimum wage, and doctor assisted death were part of the agenda asking the Liberals and Conservatives to come together to make wise decisions for our nation. The jury is out on whether or not they did!”

IMG_5409 IMG_5414 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5418 IMG_5419

Humanities 10 Confederation Debate

On March 8, Mrs. Uher’s Humanities 10 class held a re-enactment of the confederation debate.

“15 Fathers of Confederation came to the conference on Tuesday hoping to work out an agreeable plan to unify our nation under one flag. Through arguments, the love of Amor, some yelling by Dorian & Howe, the diplomacy of John A. & Brown, and the passion of JH Gray, many compromises were reached and these honorable men voted ‘yes’ to the creation of the ‘Dominion of Canada’!”IMG_5393 IMG_5399 IMG_5402 IMG_5404

Attack of the Gummy Bears!

Allison P. worked very hard on this very professional looking publication of her story featuring Gummy Bears!  (It even has reviews of the story!) Enjoy!

Allison Part 2Attack of the Gummy Bears-1-1 Allison Part 2Attack of the Gummy Bears-1-2

AllisonNielsengummybears!-5 AllisonNielsengummybears!-6 AllisonNielsengummybears!-7 AllisonNielsengummybears!-8 AllisonNielsengummybears!-9 AllisonNielsengummybears!-10 AllisonNielsengummybears!-11 AllisonNielsengummybears!-12 AllisonNielsengummybears!-13 AllisonNielsengummybears!-14 AllisonNielsengummybears!-15 AllisonNielsengummybears!-16
AllisonNielsengummybears!-18 AllisonNielsengummybears!-19

World War II Website Created by Humanities 11 Class

Mrs. Uher’s Humanities 11 class has once again finished it’s World War II website, called From Valour to Victory.
It was a collaborative project by all 14 Hum 11 students, and focuses on the battles that Canada was involved in during WWII. At times whole Canadian units fought, and at others, Canadian soldiers joined with Commonwealth forces to add their expertise and numbers. Many times the RAF added their fantastic air support to various battles and invasions.
You will notice that on each page the student has chosen a Canadian veteran to honour. It has been Mrs. Uher’s hope that the research and understanding goes beyond what they read, and become personal. Some students both last year and this year chose to honour family members, either veterans or survivors of the war in Europe.
This website not only involves the learning of Canadian involvement in WWII, writing practice, primary document research, and web design, but also provides them a very handy site to study from for the Gr.11 Socials Provincial Exam.