TLA Students Attend First Ever BC TechSummit!

On January 19th Mrs. Sward took some of her grade 10-12 Tech Students on a visit to the Vancouver Convention Centre for the first ever BC TechSummit 2016. This was a 2-day conference for Tech profressionals in BC and supported by the government, venture capital groups and business leaders.20160119_095642(0) DSC_0023 DSC_0035 DSC_0043
On Day 2 of the convention they included a program for grade10-12 students to hear about the vibrant tech industry in BC and how they will likely be involved in their careers.
It was a packed day beginnning at 6:30 for most of us. And the schedule was busy:
  • 7:30 Registration downtown with the commuter crowd.
  • 8:00 Coding Camp where they managed to “hack a game”.
  • 10:00 they listened to opening remarks from Honourbable Andrew Wilkinson who filled in for Minister of Educaiton, Mike Bernier) followed by the Panel Talk: Tech Is Everwhere with industry leaders.
  • 11:00 Students explored the Career Showcase meeting with post-secondary schools and interacting with their displays (robots, games, programming)
  • After lunch on beanbags
  • 12:15 Keynote on Entrepreneurship with Honourable Christy Clark & more industry CEOs.
  • 12:45 Technology Showcase – hands on interaction with the technology from biotech to self-driving cars.
  • 1:30 Student Innovators speaker panel
  • 2:10 Amrik Virk, Ministry of Technology provided his closing remarks on the future investment in Techology sector in BC.

Fostering a Growth Mindset

Written by: Principal Gabe Linder

One of the strongest beliefs I have long held about education, students, learning, and people in general is the notion that if we are engaged, motivated, and put our best effort into learning, that mastery of almost any skill or concept is within our grasp. It’s likely not a stretch to say that many TLA families choose Distributed Learning or homeschooling because they see the home and family environment as the best way to foster their child’s academic potential, and also to nurture their moral and social development. Encouraging a “growth mindset” over a “fixed mindset” in children is an important strategy in working through roadblocks that learners invariably encounter, and will help children understand that effort and determination are the keys to real learning and reaching their potential.


The idea of the growth mindset has become quite popular in the last decade (popularized by Carol Dweck, professor of Psychology at Stanford University) and I’m glad that it continues to gain steam. Many of you are probably already familiar with the idea. While people with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is innate – i.e. you either have it or you don’t, the growth mindset believes that our brains are ever-changing and that persistence and effort win the day, and are qualities that are more likely to lead to happiness and success in school and life. The growth mindset is optimistic and has us realize that change is possible if we set our mind to it.


A key to steering children away from a fixed mindset is giving the right kind of praise and positive feedback. Avoid comments like “you’re really smart at this”, or “you have such a natural talent for math/writing/etc.”. Look more to give praise for effort, for trying different strategies, for coming up with good questions, for taking on a challenge, and for not giving up after failing at something. The opportunities for talking about mindset arise when you hear things like “I’m just not good at math”, or “I’m no good at writing, I never have any ideas”. Counter these negative comments by inserting the word “yet”, i.e., “you just haven’t figured out how to do long division yet, but you’ll get it if you keep trying”.


Mindset also ties into moral development, in that we want our children to constantly be striving for goodness and truth, and not give up or lose faith because of bad choices or difficult circumstances. One of the best ways to promote the growth mindset is to have one yourself! Similar to modelling reading in the home to encourage children to read, when children see and believe that you take the growth mindset to heart, they will be more likely to adopt it as an attitude.


I wish you every joy and success in your home learning journey, and I hope you are able to instill a growth mindset in your children, whatever age they may be.


Here are a few resources if you’re interested in more information about growth vs fixed mindset:


The Secret to Raising Smart Kids, by Carol Dweck, from the Scientific American Mind


Fixed versus Growth Mindset Infographic:


A short YouTube video encapsulating Carol Dweck’s ideas on growth mindset:

Giving Thanks!

Learning on the Beach!

2015 Year Review

TLA Online 2015 Wrap Up

Hello all,

This month’s Online newsletter includes the list of awards winners and
honour rolls for grade 8-12 Online and Direct. As a school it gives us
great pleasure to recognize the effort and academic achievement of
these students. Student achieved honour roll status by averaging 80%
or higher on four or more academic courses for the year, and high
honours was for students with 90% or higher. Congratulations to all of
the students and parents for achieving honours, this is not a simple

IMG_1309 IMG_1298 IMG_1292
The calendar end to the 2014-15 school year has come to an end, but
many of you are still working on unfinished courses. Teachers work in
the summer, and they will let you know when their vacation times are
and if another teacher is covering for them. If you had planned to
finish in June but didn’t…try to take these first couple weeks of
summer to get things done! If you are not finished but are taking
extended absences in the summer, please let your teachers know.

The 2014-15 year was a busy one, including some major field trips
(East Coast U.S.A., Marine Biology, Hawaii), sixteen grad week field
trips, a Victoria trip, a wonderful Christmas party, and a school-wide
track meet, just to name a few highlights. I’m excited by what next
year offers and already can’t wait for the 2015-16 year to begin! A
couple of extra-curricular things I’m particularly looking forward to
are using the Clova Theatre for more performances and talent shows,
and hopefully some expansion of our athletics programs. Our Online
teachers will continue to innovate and make course updates and
improvements over the summer, and we expect to see expansion in the
Innovations program and hopefully in our Advanced Placement program

If you haven’t re-enrolled yet, please do so soon so we can get you
all set up and ready to roll for early September. If you have any
questions, grad counsellor Mary-Anne and I are both available
throughout the summer.

Have a restful, fun, and exciting summer break – and make sure you
read a few good books!

God bless,
Mr. Linder

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An Experiment: Content Vs. Skills and Competency

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