The Innovations program is expanding its online program offerings and you are now able to join our Innovations Online community of learners. You can choose to participate in our project-based online learning community in one of two ways. Choose the way that you think you will be most comfortable with learning.


Option 1:  Think you want to learn in a student-led collaborative, project-based learning program? Join the Innovations Online 8- 9 cohort: Earn full course credit for your grade-level subjects in the Innovations Online project-based learning program.  You can enroll in most of your courses (with the exception of math, 2nd language, and PE) through Innovations or as few as one. You will meet with your mentor-teacher and your cohort of grade 8 & 9 students once a week in a virtual classroom using video conferencing. Your mentor-teacher will help you personalize your learning plan and set goals for projects that set you on a path of learning things you want to learn and help you find ways to demonstrate your learning that are meaningful and fun for you to try. You will work independently and collaboratively with the other members of your cohort. Learning is always more fun when you can learn together!


Option 2: A little shy to commit to a whole program this year? Why not just dip your toe in to see what it’s like to learn this way? If you join Innovations Remote, you will connect with other students in grades 5-8 to collaborate on one group project at a time throughout the year. You won’t be graded by your mentor-teacher, but you will be able to apply what you demonstrate in your learning to your home program. Your mentor-teacher guides your cohort on student-led projects that will pique your curiosity and you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers online each week. Find out how fun learning can be when you learn together!

Want more information about how you can get connected to TLA Innovations Online?  Get in touch…


Erin Philps TLA Innovations Online Coordinator gr. 5 – 9 (