Who works in the TLA library?

Sydney Halladay

Sydney works full-time behind the scenes from the TLA office and has worked here for three years.  She wears many, many hats for TLA but, for the library, Sydney orders ALL our students’ consumables, from workbooks to kits and she keeps student budgets up-to-date.

Rebecca Shulba

After being a Home teacher for 4 years, Rebecca joined the library team in January 2016.  She works everday from 8am – 2pm at TLA Hawthorne and has been taking courses at UBC online and will earn her teacher librarianship diploma in the next couple years.  She orders, catalogues, organizes, then ships all the non-consumable resources for all K – 9 students at TLA.  Rebecca looks forward to keeping the teacher portion of her new teacher-librarian title as she has plans to host Makerspace events, online reading clubs, and develop various cross-curricular units for the families of TLA in this coming year.

Michelle Smith

Michelle has been working with TLA’s resource library since 2011 and currently, she manages all Grade 7-12 Online, Direct & GAP textbooks and resources.  You can find her at TLA Hawthorne from Mon – Wed.