TLA Library Commons

What IS a Library Commons?

The word “commons” refers to a learning space.  The “learning commons”, “digital commons”, or what we are calling the TLA Library Commons is simply inteded to develop into a learning space to enrich learning by housing information (our digital and info about physical resources) and be a place to come together for collaboration.

My vision for our Library Commons is that it will develop into a space where parents, students, and teachers can find access to digital resources and learn more about the physical resources that we have at TLA Hawthorne.  Also, the Library Commons will encourage participation in our school community; a place to find future online and in-person events.

As described in the BC Teacher-Librarian Association’s article, “From School Library to Learning Commons”, “We must focus on building a flexible learning environment with the goal of producing successful learners skilled in multiple literacies.”  My hope for the TLA Library Commons is that it will be the beginnings of this very goal.

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