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How To Locate Google Docs, Folders & Files in Google Drive
This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to locate your Google Docs (in Google Drive) and a simple guide on folders and files. Let's begin...  

Step 01: Log In To Your Google Account. Access Google Drive.


01: Go to (If you're not already logged in, log in now with your email address or other Gmail email address.)
02: Click the "Waffle" icon to view other products offered.
03: Click "Drive" icon.  

Step 2: You're In!

Google Drive gives you Google Documents (aka Google Docs) to use like you would Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents. In addition, Google Drive offers the ability for you to create files and organize them into folders.

01: Here's an example of a folder and one I have not shared with anyone.

02: Here's an example of a folder I have shared, as indicated by the word "Shared" and also a different folder icon signifying the difference.

03: And finally, here's an example of a word processing document.

END: Create Folders, Files or Upload Files


01: Clicking the "Create" button gives you the option to create your desired type of files or a folder.

02: Here's another way to create a folder by clicking the "New folder in My Drive" icon.

03: If you want to upload Word, Excel or Powerpoint files from your computer to Google Drive, click the "Upload" button. After uploading, choose to convert your files to the Google format. After conversion, you can continue to modify your documents and even choose to share permissions with a teacher or student.

/// END ///

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