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How To Setup A New Google Community
This step-by-step tutorial reveals how to setup a new Google Community.

Step 01a: Log In To Google

You will have to be logged in to Google prior to setting up your Google Community. If you're not logged in yet, you can do it at

Step 01b: Click To Your Google+ Profile


Step 02: Click "Communities" Tab In Flyout Menu


Step 03: Click "Create Community" Button


Step 04: Choose Privacy. Name Community. Select Search Options.

(1) Public / Private: More than likely, you'll want to choose a Private Community you can invite select students/teachers.
(2) Naming: Input your Community Name. Suggestion: Add a "TLA" in front of your course name.
(3) Search Option: Select what works for your community.
(4) Click "Create Community" button when complete.

Step 05a: Add Optional Tagline. Click "Pick a photo" Button.


Step 05b: Click "Select Photo From Your Computer" Button


Step 5c: Select Photo (With Appropriate Dimensions)

(1) Image Dimensions: After a few test images, a Google Community profile photo fits best with a slightly wider image. Your mileage may vary.
(2) Click "Open" to import photo as your Profile Photo.

Step 05d: Resize Photo Fit


Step 05e: Click "Set as profile photo" Button


Step 05f: View Profile Photo For Fit

If your photo looks good, we can move on to the next step. If not, click "Pick a photo" button to upload a different sized image.

Step 06: Add, Modify or Delete Categories

Consider "Categories" to be a new Section or Label in your Community. For example, you can create Categories for specific Course Topics, Course Assignments, Resources, and the list goes on. When you add a new update/resource to your Community, you can assign it to one of your categories, for easier search and organization.
Click "Add category" to add a new category. Or click an existing category to modify it.

Step 07: Click "Done" Button To Complete Setup


Step 08: Invite Select Teachers or Students

In the "To" field, you can type in select email addresses or Google Circles. They'll be invited to your Google Community.

END: Click "Send" Button.

// END //

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