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How To Modify Google+ Privacy Settings
This step-by-step tutorial reveals how to modify privacy settings in your Google+ account, after you've logged in to your Google account.

Step 01: Click Your +Name to Access Google+


Step 02: Mouse Over "Home". Click "Settings" Tab.

(1) Mouse over "Home" tab in the flyout menu to the left.
(2) Click "Settings" tab.

Step 03: Modify Privacy Settings for Posts & Interaction

At TLA, we're sensitive to and protective over the privacy and security of our students. As such, we recommend you select "TLA School at Home Web Apps" whenever possible in your settings.
(1) Who can send you notifications?
- Choose "TLA School at Home Web Apps"
(2) Who can comment on your public posts?"
- Choose "TLA School at Home Web Apps"
(3) Who can start a Messenger conversation with you?
- Choose "Your circles"

Step 04a: Click "Customize" To Modify Who Can Hangout With You


Step 04b: Modify Hangout Settings

(1) In this example, I've previously created a "TLA" circle for TLA colleagues or students. For this circle, I'll click the drop-down table and choose the "Hangout with you" option.
(2) For "Everyone else", we recommend you select the "Send request" option. Please be cautious who you accept Hangout sessions from.
(3) If you choose to be notified (eg. by email) about Hangout requests, check this box.
(4) When you're ready, click the "Save" button.

Step 05: Customize Notification Delivery Options

By default, your webmail address should be checked as a notification delivery option. You can add another email as an alternate address.
If you choose to be notified of requests via your smartphone, you're welcome to add it here. We don't think its necessary.

Step 06: Customize "Your Circles"

When you share posts, photos, profile data, and other things with "Your circles," you're sharing with all of your circles, except the ones you're just following (they're unchecked in this list). We recommend only keeping your TLA circles checked, to keep your posts of your school work private.

END: Click & Modify "Profile and Privacy" For More Privacy

// END //

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