Frequently Asked Questions

7. I (or my student) didn't get a Hub login (TLAoID) e-mail! Am I locked out?
While TLA's Tech Team has done everything in their power to ensure that everyone gets their Hub login (TLAoID) e-mail, accidents (and aggressive spam filters) do happen.

To ease the transition to the new system, we have created an automated e-mail-based password-recovery solution. Simply put, you type in your e-mail address and, if your e-mail address exists in our system, we e-mail you your password - or, if you are a student, we e-mail your password (and all your family's passwords, in fact!) to the parental/primary contact e-mail address we have on file for you.

To use this system:

1. Go to

2. Enter your e-mail address and click Continue

3. If your e-mail address is registered with us, check your (or get your parent to check his/her) e-mail address for your Hub (TLAoID) password e-mail.

 Last updated Thu, Apr 14 2016 4:45pm

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