Frequently Asked Questions

5. Help! I forgot my Hub password!
If you've forgotten your TLA Hub password, don't despair! Recovering your password is really easy...

  1. Go to the usual TLA Hub login page:
  2. Click on the handy, highlighted "If you have forgotten your password..." link just below the sign-in fields, as shown (circled in red) below:
  3. Enter your first and last names (or your student's first and last names) and the e-mail address you supplied to the school (the address via which you receive e-mails from TLA):
  4. Your (or your student's) password should show up in your e-mail inbox shortly - or possibly in your Spam/Junk Mail folder if your e-mail provider misidentifies it as spam. If you do not receive a password recovery e-mail, you might want to check...
    1. Do you (or your student) have alternate first/last name spellings or nicknames that you might have been supplied on the enrolment form instead of what you typed?
    2. Do you (or your student) have an alternate e-mail address that might be the one we have on file for communicating with you?
  5. In the unlikely event that you've done all of the above and still have not received a password recovery e-mail, please contact TLA's friendly Tech Team directly by submitting a Help Desk ticket.

 Last updated Thu, Apr 14 2016 4:45pm

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