Frequently Asked Questions

3. What is my Hub (TLAoID) username and password?
If you are a member of TLA Online (i.e., a staff member, an online student, or the designated primary contact for a TLA student), you should already have received your Hub (formerly TLA Online ID (TLAoID)) username and password in an e-mail.

Where is this e-mail?
  • Primary parent/guardian contact: The e-mail should come to the address you specified in your student(s)' most recent application form - or to any more recently updated address you may have supplied to the office or in TLA Online.
  • TLA student/staff: The e-mail should come to your TLA Webmail account.
If you do not seem to have received an e-mail with your Hub login info yet...
  1. Check your spam folder. Because we have to e-mail these out in bulk, many anti-spam filters accidentally mis-identify them as spam.
  2. Open a helpdesk ticket ( so TLA's Tech Team can investigate why and get your Hub login to you ASAP.

 Last updated Thu, Apr 14 2016 4:45pm

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