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2. How will the Christmas Hub shut-down affect me?
Every year during the Christmas break, TLA shuts down its main online services. This ensures that our staff get (and take!) some time off and allows the Tech Department to do some systems maintenance.

If you have a TLA Student/Staff Webmail account or use TLA Online's Moodle-based website for its forums, courses, or financial-tracking features, you WILL be affected by our Christmas shut-down.

During the shutdown...
  • staff and students will not have access to their TLA Webmail or Google Drive accounts.
  • any vacation responders or forwarding that have been set up before the shutdown will continue to work, but will not be alterable.
  • e-mail sent to staff/student TLA Webmail accounts will be received and stored, but reading/replying to e-mail will not be possible until services are re-opened after the Christmas break.
  • no data will be lost.
Before the shutdown...
  • if you feel you absolutely must work on TLA Online assignments or TLA WebApps documents over the break, make sure you copy and store all relevant instructions and documents in a service other than your TLA Student/Staff Webmail/WebApps account! (Note: You are strongly encouraged not to do this and instead just take a break over the holiday season by no less a personage than TLA's principal himself!)
After the shutdown...

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