Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "The Hub" (TLA's SSO)?
The Hub is our web-portal designed to give you easy access to all the most important information, internet applications, and online resources that TLA provides for your (or your child's) education.

The Hub is a Single Sign-On (SSO), communication, and informational system that TLA is developing to simplify and streamline the process of logging into our many different online services. As we connect different websites to our SSO, you will be able to sign in just once, with just one username/password combination, and then be logged into all the connected online services you have access to.

Where to log in to the SSO:

Currently connected services:
  1. (professionally developed video courses on a wide range of subjects - ranging from photography to business to design to programming to 3D animation - now available free to all TLA Online members!)
  2. TLA Online (
  3. TLA Student/Staff Webmail (
  4. TLA Student/Staff WebApps (aka Google Docs/Drive:
  5. Site-Licensed Online Resources (
  6. TLA's Minecraft Program (
Features and services we're working on (coming soon!):
  1. Individualized Online Resources
  2. Better forums and notification controls
  3. Improved navigation and alerts
  4. And even more... (Stay tuned!)

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