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How To Modify YouTube Channel Settings To Upload Unlisted Videos By Default

This step-by-step tutorial reveals how you can, by default, upload your videos to your YouTube channel as "Unlisted" videos. Only teachers or students who have the link to your video will be able to view them. Unlisted videos can also be shared in your course classrooms or Google Communities. Otherwise, no one can search or view your videos. Let's begin...



Step 01: Visit Login To Your Account.


Use the same login credentials as your Google account or webmail account.



Step 02: Click "Dashboard"




Step 03: Select "Unlisted" Privacy in "Channel Settings" > "Defaults"


(1) Click "Channel Settings"

(2) Click "Defaults"

(3) Click "Unlisted" for privacy.



END: Click "Save" Button.



// END //



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