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How To Initiate A Google Hangout Session

This step-by-step tutorial guides you to initiate a Google Hangout session with a contact who's already in your Circles or contacts.

NOTE: A "Hangout" session is different than a "Hangout On Air" session.
- Hangouts are a 1-to-1 or 1-to-a-few video conference that is not recorded.
- If you desire a recorded Hangout session (to be automatically saved to your YouTube account), you want a "Hangout On Air" session. Search for our other tutorial titled "How To Initiate A Google Hangout On Air Session".

Let's begin...



Step 01: Login To Your Google+ Account at



Step 02: Click "Hangouts", Then The "+" Symbol For New Hangout.




Step 03: Select Your Session Participant


1: Type the Name, email, number or Google Circle of the participant/s you'd like to Hangout with in this field.

2: The other option is to click on a contact who appears in your Contacts in the right sidebar. This is the option shown in this example.



Step 04: Click Video Icon To Initiate A Video Hangout Session




Step 05: Your Hangout Session Begins.


01: Microphone Mute: Click on/off to de/activate your onboard or external mic.

02: Video Un/Hide: Click on/off to un/hide your onboard or external webcam camera.

03: Volume: Click to increase/decrease the volume of your session.

04: Settings: Click for more settings you can modify.

05: Hang Up: Click to end your Hangout session.

06: Invite People: To add more participants to your Hangout, click to invite others.

07: Chat: Clicking "Chat" de/activates the text chat feature. Type in the right sidebar chat box to text chat with your session participants.

08: Screenshare: Allows your desktop to be visible to your session participant/s.

09: Capture: Allows you to capture a screenshot to share with your session participant/s.

10: "View More Apps": Gives you more apps to add to your session, eg. accessing your files from Google Drive and much more...

// END //


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