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How To Ensure You Have Google Hangout Setup

This tutorial walks you through ensuring you have Google+ set up and have the Hangouts plugin installed.

Check For "+ New Hangout"


Please set up your Google+ profile at:  Enter your info and hit next or skip till you can't go any further.

Once you're there, you should see Home > at the top left, and Hangouts at the top right under your profile picture.

Make sure the Hangouts panel is open at the right side.

If you see + New Hangout, then it's open.

If you don't see + New Hangout, then click on the word Hangouts, and it should pop out from the right.  it should look like the snapshot.



Click "Start a party" Button For Confirmation


Hover over Hangout Party at the bottom of that column and click Start a Party to see if your computer is already set up for hangouts.


Install Hangout Plugin.


A Hangout window will open, asking you to install the Hangout plugin. Do so then continue.

If you've already got Hangouts installed, it will have popped up a "Post a Hangout party invitation".

Just Cancel out of this, and you should see the Hangout window with your video below.

// END //


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